Compile Winbinder with lcc-win32

9. November 2005

By Hans the DB-guy 


Here the steps that worked for me:


Install lcc-win32:


Download lcc-win32 from ?? version 3.3 compiled Aug 30 2004!

The newest version gives errors and will not work!

Install into c:\lcc


Create "compile tree":


Get the sourcefiles from Winbinder


OK now create the "compile tree" folderstructure on C:\:





With the new Winbinder distro you will get this structure when unzipping the sources.

I copied php5 folder to ..\csource\


Setup Wedit:


Create Project "wb_php5" in Wedit


Start lcc_win32

In menue Project select create




Input : wb_php5 and c:\compile\Winbinder\csource ( Output dir is set automatically )


Don’t forget to select dll!

Hit create


Click "no" to wizard!


Add source files in "core" ( select all the files at once )

In the next window hit Add new file..

Add source files in "core\wb"


Now you should have all c-files for winbinder ( 32 for me )




Hit OK



Setup Compiler




Include files :



Select otimize

Deselect debug info



Setup Linker




Additional files:

iehelper.lib php5ts.lib psapi.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib winmm.lib


Check if dll set.




Noting to do




Wedit opens now all c-files and creates creates the uuid.lib

Done this wedit complains in build box …\wb_php5.err does not exist, - Create one!





Before compiling you have to copy the library php5ts.lib into c:\lcc\lib.

If you dont't find it in the winbinder-distro, you have to build it.


Find php5ts_5.0.3.exp in ..\tools\lcc-win32\php5.

Open a cmd window and type as described in ..\tools\lcc-win32\readme_lccwin32.txt:



[LCC]\bin\buildlib.exe php[N]ts.exp [LCC]\lib\php[N]ts.lib




[LCC] = Installation path to LCC-Win32

[N] = PHP version desired (4 or 5)





Hit the menue "Compiler" generate Makefile.

Creates makefile in ..\csource\lcc ( 8k for me )

Hit the menue "Compiler" rebuild all.


OK? Now you have a recompiled wb_php5a.dll in ..\csource\lcc !


Yes the compiler gives some warnings, but my applications work fine.