Alphabetical list of functions

This list shows the core WinBinder functions listed in alphabetical order. These functions start with the prefix wb_.


You may also consult the list of functions by category. For other functions, look here.

Function list

WARNING: the functions marked with a stop sign below provide low-level access to the Windows API and should be used with great care.

wb_call_function - Calls a DLL function
wb_create_control - Creates a control, menu, or accelerator
wb_create_font - Creates a font
wb_create_image - Creates an image
wb_create_items - Creates one or more items in a control or menu
wb_create_mask - Creates a masked (transparent) image
wb_create_timer - Creates a timer
wb_create_window - Creates a window
wb_delete_items - Deletes items from a control or menu
wb_destroy_font - Destroys a font
wb_destroy_image - Destroys an image
wb_destroy_timer - Destroys a timer
wb_destroy_window - Destroys a window
wb_destroy_control - Destroys a control
wb_draw_image - Draws an opaque or transparent bitmap
wb_draw_line - Draws a straight line
wb_draw_point - Draws a point of color
wb_draw_rect - Draws a filled or hollow rectangle
wb_draw_text - Draws a text string
wb_exec - Opens or executes a command
wb_find_file - Look for a file in the Windows and System directories
wb_get_address - Returns the address of a variable
wb_get_class - Retrieves the class of a control, window or menu
wb_get_control - Returns the handle to a child control in a dialog box or a menu item
wb_get_enabled - Tells whether a control is enabled
wb_get_function_address - Retrieves the address of a library function
wb_get_id - Returns the identifier of a control
wb_get_instance - Detects a running instance of a WinBinder application
wb_get_item_count - Returns the number of items in an object
wb_get_item_list - Returns an array with child items or controls
wb_get_level - Retrieves the level of a control item
wb_get_parent - Returns the control or item parent
wb_get_pixel - Returns the RGB color value of a pixel
wb_get_position - Retrieves the position of a control or window
wb_get_registry_key - Returns the value of a registry entry
wb_get_selected - Returns the selected state of one or more items
wb_get_size - Retrieves the size of a control, window or image
wb_get_state - Retrieves the state of a control item
wb_get_system_info - Returns various data about the current system
wb_get_text - Gets the text from a control, window, menu item, an item, or sub-item
wb_get_value - Retrieves the value of a control, item, or sub-item
wb_get_visible - Tells whether a control is visible
wb_load_image - Loads an image file from disk and returns a handle to it
wb_load_library - Loads a DLL into memory
wb_main_loop - Enters the Windows main loop
wb_message_box - Displays a message box
wb_peek - Gets the contents of a memory area
wb_play_sound - Play a system sound
wb_poke - Sets the contents of a memory area
wb_refresh - Refreshes or redraws an object
wb_release_library - Releases a DLL from memory
wb_save_image - Saves an image to disk
wb_send_message - Sends a Windows message to an object
wb_set_area - Sets a specific area in a window
wb_set_enabled - Enables or disables a control
wb_set_focus - Assigns the focus to an object
wb_set_font - Sets the font of a control
wb_set_handler - Assigns a callback function to a window
wb_set_image - Assigns an image to an object
wb_set_item_image - Assigns a portion of an image to a control item
wb_set_location - Sets the location of an HTML control or sends a special command to it
wb_set_position - Moves an object
wb_set_registry_key - Sets the value of a registry entry
wb_set_selected - Selects one or more items of a control
wb_set_size - Sets the size of an object
wb_set_state - Sets the state of a treeview node
wb_set_style - Sets or resets the style of an object
wb_set_text - Sets the text of an object
wb_set_value - Sets the value(s) and/or the minimum and maximum range of a control
wb_set_visible - Shows or hides an object
wb_sort - Sorts the contents of a control
wb_sys_dlg_color - Displays the standard Select Color dialog box
wb_sys_dlg_open - Displays the standard Open dialog box
wb_sys_dlg_path - Displays the standard Select Path dialog box
wb_sys_dlg_save - Displays the standard Save As dialog box
wb_wait - Verifies mouse and keyboard status, create a delay

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