Accel class

This class creates keyboard accelerators. Keyboard accelerators, or just accelerators, are key combinations that can generate commands to be processed by a callback function. The function wb_create_control() will create and apply an accelerator table to the application.

Accelerator strings

ASCII character codes, numbers, letters and non-alphabetic characters (like $ or %) are accepted. The following special keys are also accepted (between quotes):

Strings can be preceded by one or more of the modifiers CTRL, SHIFT and ALT, followed by a plus sign (+). Strings are case-insensitive.

NOTE: To create an accelerator with the Plus key, use the "PLUS" string instead of "+". Example: "Ctrl+Plus".


Keyboard accelerators can be created in two ways:

// Create menus with accelerators 
$menu = wb_create_control($mainwin, Menu, array(  
       array(ID_NEW,   "&New\tCtrl+N",     "", PATH_RES . "menu_new.bmp",  "Ctrl+N"), 
       array(ID_OPEN,  "&Open...\tCtrl+O", "", PATH_RES . "menu_open.bmp", "Ctrl+O"), 
       array(ID_HELP,  "&Save\tF1",        "", PATH_RES . "menu_save.bmp", "F1"), 
       array(IDCLOSE,		"E&xit\tAlt+F4",	   "", PATH_RES . "menu_exit.bmp"),	// Not an accelerator 
// Create accelerators using the Accel class 
wb_create_control($mainwin, Accel, array( 
    array(ID_NEW,   "Ctrl+N"), 
    array(ID_OPEN,  "Ctrl+O"), 
    array(ID_HELP,  "F1") 

In both cases, the parameter caption of wb_create_control() is an array of arrays, where each second-level array includes an identifier and a string that identifies the accelerator.

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