The native windows binding for php

Useful links


Here are the links to the applications and tools mentioned in the documentation and/or supported by WinBinder.


  • PHP (open source)

C Compilers

  • LCC-Win32 - C compiler by Jacob Navia (freeware)
  • Visual C++ Express Edition - C++ compiler by Microsoft (free)
  • MinGW - Windows port of GCC compiler by (open source)
  • Visual-MinGW - IDE to MinGW compiler by Manu B. (open source)
  • Dev-C++ - IDE for MinGW compiler by Bloodshed software (open source)
  • Pelles C - C compiler with IDE by Pelle Orinius (freeware)

Source code editors

  • Crimson Editor - Lightweight source code editor by Ingyu Kang (freeware)
  • AnyEdit - Code editor with excellent syntax highlighting by the AnyEdit Team (open source)
  • PSPad - Text and code editor with many features by Jan Fiala (freeware)
  • TextPad - Robust, general-purpose text editor by Helios Software Solutions (shareware)

Resource editors

  • WinAsm Studio - Used to build WinBinder forms by Antonis Kyprianou (freeware)
  • Resource Hacker - Resource extractor/editor by Angus Johnson (freeware)

Compression and setup tools

  • WinZip command line add-on by WinZip Computing (freeware, but requires WinZip, which is shareware)
  • IZArc - Complete compression utility supporting many formats by IZSoftware (freeware)
  • 7-Zip - High compression ratio file archiver by Igor Pavlov (open source)
  • Inno Setup - Installation builder by Jordan Russell (freeware)
  • ISTool - IDE for Inno Setup by Bjørnar Henden (freeware)
  • Embeder - Make an executable binary file from a PHP script (open source)

Programming utilities



Third-party tools and documentation

Other utilities

  • FileZilla - FTP client by Tim Kosse (open source)