The native windows binding for php

What is it?

WinBinder is an open source extension for PHP, the script programming language. It allows PHP programmers to easily build native Windows applications. Click here for more information.


Some key benefits

  • A small set of WinBinder functions encapsulates many complex aspects of the Windows API and makes programming for Windows an easy task.
  • No compiling and linking steps necessary: just code and run.
  • Interfaces directly to the Window API. This means fast execution, no extra libraries and no installation required.
  • Access to the vast range of existing PHP functions and extensions, including databases, graphics, web functions, XML, PDF, and much more.


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Rubem Pechansky is the project administrator for WinBinder. See the whole team of contributors here.

Hypervisual Hypervisual is the company that promotes and supports WinBinder. Logo kindly hosts the project files. Go to the project summary page

PECL logo

PECL kindly hosts the project files. See the WinBinder page on PECL

BerliOS logo

BerliOS kindly hosts this project and SVN. Go to the WinBinder SVN repository

Powered by PHP

This project is based on PHP, the powerful scripting language.

PHP Classes

PHP Classes — Ready to use web components


Sample screenshot

WinBinder comes with its own form editor (written with WinBinder, of course).

Form Editor

(Click to enlarge)

Current release of WinBinder is:
Version 2010.10.14.